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New in Canva 2.0

Express your creativity in 100+ languages

Our mission is to empower the world to design—no matter what language they speak. That's why Canva 2.0 is here for you in over 100 languages: from widely spoken Spanish dialects to indigenous languages only spoken in certain parts of the world, like Aymara and K'iche'. One of our languages, Corsican, only has around 150,000 native speakers—and stems from a tiny French island in the Mediterranean.

New in Canva 2.0

Get in the loop with autoplay presentations—on loop

Now presenting... presentations on loop! Turn your slideshow into a TV billboard with our autoplay feature for presentations. Perfect for trade shows and lobbies alike, looped presentations are a great way to keep your audience effortlessly informed. Give it a try: simply select "Present" from the Publish dropdown, then select "Autoplay".


Publish directly to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and more

We get it: you're busy. You barely have time to call your Mom, let alone download your Canva designs and then upload them to your favorite sites. Well, this one's for you. Level up your workflow by sharing instantly to Pinterest, LinkedIn or Slack. Simply click the "Export" button, then find your favorite site and unleash your genius upon the world. Then call your Mom.

New in Canva 2.0

Canva's new and improved Animator lets you instantly turn your designs into animated videos

Someone call Hollywood, there's a new movie maker in town! Canva's animator lets you instantly transform your designs into animations and videos. We've got 6 on-trend animation styles for you to choose from. Download your video as a GIF or movie file to share on your favorite social networks, embed on a website or share with friends and family. Action!

New in Canva 2.0

Create designs twice as fast with the new homepage search bar

Your boss calls. She needs a presentation, stat. You go to canva.com—oh hey, there's a new search bar on the homepage. You type "sales presentation" into the search bar. Voilà, dozens of sales presentation templates appear. The presentation is a hit, and your boss gives you a promotion. Search over 800 design categories and create new designs in an instant. (Promotions not guaranteed.)

New in Canva 2.0

Create a beautiful website in just a few clicks

We want to make your life easier, so we've applied the Canva magic to websites—now, making your own webpage only takes a few clicks. It's as easy as ordering pizza delivered to your door, except you don't even have to worry about the delivery guy seeing you in your pajamas. With 100 beautiful templates and 4 slick navigation styles, we've got a better menu than your favorite pizza place.

New in Canva 2.0

Fast-track your design with keyboard shortcuts

On your marks, get set, design! Think you're a Canva power user? Then you'd better get across our new keyboard shortcuts, quicksmart. Our top five: 'R' to add a rectangle on your page, 'L' to add a line, 'T' to add text, '⌘/' for opening/closing the object panel and '⌘D' for duplicate. You can find the whole list by searching "shortcuts" in Canva Assistant.

New in Canva 2.0

Get more space to design by collapsing the side panel

You're a real intrepid type. A trail blazer. You see a button, you press it. So when you spot the arrow on the side panel (you know, the one where the templates and images are shown), you click the button. "Aha!" you exclaim. Now you can design in fullscreen. "Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture," you say. You're so deep.

15 August 2018

🇨🇳 Canva launches in China!

At Canva we are determined to empower the entire world to design with our platform. Our next stop on this journey is China. Today, we're incredibly excited to release web and mobile versions of Canva to the Chinese market. Our Chinese apps have been completely localized – we've got Chinese images, fonts and templates, ready for our Chinese community to use for free.

New in Canva 2.0

Share your presentation or document as a fullscreen website

So you've finished your presentation, the standing ovation is finally over (people were really going wild with applause, weren't they?) and now all you've got left are memories and a slideshow that you put hours of work into. If only it could live on and have a second life. Well, now it can: as a website. Thanks to Canva, you can transform your presentations into stunning, clickable websites.

New in Canva 2.0

Schedule your posts with Canva Schedule

Design now, post later. With Canva Schedule you can stay in control of your social media presence while freeing up time to concentrate on other things. Schedule your posts hours, days or weeks in advance—Canva Schedule will automatically post them according to the plan you’ve set. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin, with more coming soon.


Canva now available Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu

Look in the mirror and what do you see? Canva 2.0 in right-to-left languages, that's what. Yes, you can now access Canva in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Urdu. We've taken the editor and optimized it for these languages, and added right-to-left fonts. Just another milestone in our mission to enable design for everyone, everywhere.


Canva launches Presenter View (with notes!) for presenting like a pro

Stay on script without squinting at the screen. With half the screen dedicated to your speaker notes, you're all set for a flawless delivery. Want to jump ahead mid-presentation? With Presenter View's slide carousel you don't have to show slides in order. Go back or skip over slides without your audience noticing a thing. Now you'll be at least 10% less afraid of public speaking.

Coming soon

Embed your YouTube videos, GIFs, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Spotify Songs and more!

Always dreamt of a mid-presentation dance break? Dreams really do come true. Make your designs as interactive as possible: now you can embed YouTube videos, GIFs, Tweets, Facebook posts and Spotify songs (to name a few) into your presentations and websites. Get ready to boogie!


Stacked bar charts for even sexier data

If you ask us, data is underrated. Who said a humble graph can't be attractive? With our new bar chart feature, it will be love at first slide as you take what was once a boring presentation and make it over into a work of art. Even Picasso would be impressed.


Make your designs iconic by adding emoji 😉

Words cannot express how excited we are to be adding emoji to the Canva experience. So, we're going to let the emojis do the talking. 🙀😎💯 Add them to your designs clicking on "Apps" in the editor 💃🏽🕺🙌🏽🔥🎉

New in Canva 2.0

Australia: Pay the local way

It’s no longer all about the Benjamins. Today, it’s all about the AUD. Canva has launched local currency payments in Australia. Now, when you buy a premium image, or order prints, you won’t have to convert from US Dollars to Australian Dollars, or make an international transaction. You beauty!

New in Canva 2.0

Germany: Say Guten Tag to Euro payments

Forget about converting from US Dollars to Euros. Canva is launching local currency payments in Germany, so you can pay the Euro way. Premium images and print products will now be priced in your local currency. No more international transactions, hooray!

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