Canva has introduced a new way to share and discover design, enabling people to post their designs publicly, follow their friends, and interact with others through a new design stream.

Over the past 14 months, Canva’s one million users have created more than seven million designs. Now, people will be able to see what their friends are designing and share their designs publicly.

“It seemed crazy to have all of these incredible designs created on Canva and no way for anyone to see them,” said Canva CEO Melanie Perkins. “We have had lots of groups popping up on social media encouraging people to share their Canva designs, so it seemed logical that we enable our users to share their work with the rest of the Canva community."


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Canva’s new social layer allows everyone to easily share their designs with the world through a new public profile page. Designs can be made either public or private.

These new features will also appeal to professional designers, who’ll be able to build a public profile and sell their layouts, photography and illustrations within the Canva community. Canva users will be able to follow their favourite designers and see their latest layouts in the Design Stream.

“Design has always been collaborative, but people were limited by traditional desktop software. Now with Canva we can all learn new skills, seek inspiration from those around us, and publish designs for the world to see.”

More than 460,000 designs are created each week in Canva. These new social features will allow all of these designs to see the light of day.

Social profiles are currently being rolled out to existing users.

Key Features

  • Build your profile. Share your designs with the world. Easily publish your Canva designs to your profile and share them in Canva’s design stream.
  • Get design inspiration. See what your friends are creating on Canva. Follow designers you like for daily design inspiration.
  • Interact with others. Get feedback on your own designs from Canva’s growing design community. Like and comment on other people’s designs.
Written by Zach Kitschke

Zach is Head of Communications for Canva, an online platform that makes graphic design simple for everyone. He writes regularly on social media, branding and public relations and has achieved coverage in publications including Mashable, TechCrunch, PandoDaily, NBC, Forbes and The Next Web.