Inspire creativity through intuitive graphic design

Canva provides teachers and students with a simple new way to design. Its drag and drop functionality enables them to create presentations, posters, one-page documents, and social media posts.

Teach meaningful communication through graphic creation

“Canva provides teachers and students with the tools they need to bring their stories to life.”


Access to beautiful images in just one click

With more than 1 million photos, icons, and layouts, students are empowered with a design tool that allows them to explore, engage, and innovate in new ways.



Innovate and collaborate with everyone in the class

Students can create designs to be shared with the entire class. They can provide view-only access or give classmates or their teacher an opportunity to collaborate on the same design.

Easy sign-in with Google Apps for Education

Integration with Google Apps mean teachers can onboard classes quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about maintaining additional logins and passwords.

Teaching Materials

Visit Canva’s Design School for teaching materials, classroom lesson plans and more. Help introduce visual literacy in the classroom with ideas from our community of education experts.

teaching materials

Canva's Education Advisors

    • Richard Byrne,


      From telling stories with slides to bringing data sets to life, great visuals can make the difference between a run-of-the-mill presentation and memorable one. Canva provides students with the tools to create memorable presentations, collages, and striking infographics.

      Author of

    • Terri Eichholz,


      Canva allows all members of the classroom community – students and teachers – to create professional, eye-catching graphics that enhance any lesson plan or project.

      K-5 classroom teacher, Author of Engage Their Minds blog

    • Shannon Miller,


      Canva brings change to our students, schools and communities. With Canva, our young people are able to create beautiful projects that are engaging which go way beyond the “average project.” Canva lets them take their projects to the next level and share them with the world.

      Teacher and Educational Consultant; LibraryJournal Movers & Shakers

    • Monica Burns,


      Creating high-quality graphics is so easy with Canva!  I’ve used it for social media campaigns on my blog and to make augmented reality triggers for an interactive library space.

      EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator

    • Steven Anderson,


      Students learn best by doing and making. Canva provides a unique opportunity for both students and teachers to visually explore content while creating a product that can have tremendous impact.

      #Edchat co-founder, @web20classroom

    • Eric Sheninger,


      We must be the change we wish to see in education, and Canva can help us do that.

      Senior Fellow at International Center for Leadership in Education

    • Paul Hamilton,


      Canva removes the obstacles that technology creates in the classroom, so that all students can focus on the learning. Something all education technology should aim to do.

      Apple Distinguished Educator

    • Shelly Terrell,


      Digital creation and visualization of data are essential skills for students. Canva makes that process meaningful and engaging for both the teacher and learner.

      Author of Teacher Reboot Camp blog, #Edchat co-founder

    • Adam Bellow,


      Canva is a truly incredible tool for educators and students. It provides the diverse set of visual arts tools for creativity and allows projects that are both assigned as well as the ones fueled by curiosity and personal passions to be enhanced by quality design.

      Founder of eduTecher and eduClipper

    • Vicki Davis,


      Canva is the go to design program in my classroom. Whether they are designing logos for apps or creating impactful graphics to share on our school’s Facebook page: we can do it all in a snap! Love it!

      Author of Cool Cat Teacher blog, Google Certified Teacher

    • William Ferriter,


      Canva makes it possible for every student to practice visual persuasion – one of the most important skills for modern learners to master in a world where we are literally surrounded by interactive multimedia.

      6th grade classroom teacher, author and professional developer

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