“We can put it [our visual content] together very easily and consistently, and we can edit graphics across the entire team, which is a huge advantage.”


With an editorial team of nearly 30 employees, Upworthy shares “stories that matter.” What really matters is this: these stories are seen by millions of people each month — so the team knows how important it is to make sure they look good.

Canva Pro provides Upworthy writers with a set of templates to create images that will accompany their stories. Each Upworthy writer has control of the visual content of their articles — but with varying levels of design experience across the team, creating consistent and professional designs has proven tricky in the past.

“Canva Pro allows our writers to decide exactly how they want their visual content to look,” Upworthy writer Megan Kelley says. “We can put it together very easily and consistently, and we can edit graphics across the entire team, which is a huge advantage.”

Upworthy is also using Canva Pro on breaking stories. When game-changing developments in social or political justice occur, it’s vital to publish content in a timely manner. Case in point: when the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalise same sex marriage nationwide was announced, Upworthy was able to quickly create a visual that communicated the news to the site’s followers.


Canva Pro has also been helpful in creating content for Upworthy’s Instagram account.  Megan notes that the team has been using Canva Pro to create This Day In History posts and Birthday Shoutouts.

As Upworthy has embraced Canva Pro, they’ve been creating image-based content much more easily — and perhaps have even been creating more visual content overall. Megan says, “The easier our process gets, the more we’re posting.”


Upworthy’s team also appreciates being able to edit graphics after they’ve been downloaded. “It’s so easy to share work,” says Megan. “If I need our copy editors to take a look at a graphic I’ve made, I can just link them to it and say, ‘hey, can you check this?’ I never have to re-create an entire image just because I left out a comma.”

This means the team is creating less work for themselves, and for each other — a huge advantage for team workshare.

Best of all? Megan says Canva Pro has been a “piece of cake” for the team to learn. “All we have to do is sign in. After that, it probably only takes five minutes to learn how to create an image.”

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