“I think Canva is really intuitive — it’s my go-to for everything”


Colorado’s soaring and sunny Mesa County is home to 160,000 citizens. 11,000 locals follow Mesa County Sheriff Office’s Facebook page, which is being used to apprehend wanted persons. Heather Benjamin is MCSO’s Information & Communication Manager. She started using Canva to create images for their #WarrantWednesdays campaign. Loyal followers share posts each week, which assists Sheriff Matt Lewis and his deputies in gathering information.

“We got approval for #WarrantWednesdays, then I just set up a Canva template,” says Heather. “The deputies create the images. I wanted them to have ownership of it, because they needed to update it every week.”

MSCO have been posting #WarrantWednesdays images for over a year. Since starting the campaign, their Facebook followers skyrocketed. Concerned county locals take great satisfaction in sharing these images, crowdsourcing information on the individual’s whereabouts. From those wanted persons posted with #WarrantWednesday alongside Canva-made images, almost all are apprehended.

Heather explains says that of MSCO’s 250 employees, many are using Canva. Easy drag & drop functionality means a short learning curve, ideal for an office of varied skill sets. Heather uses Canva for #WarrantWednesday and community events, but she’s also creating content for internal communications.  MSCO are implementing a network of office-wide television screens to feature important notices. Heather makes these messages in Canva, promoting retirement parties and newborn announcements.

“I think Canva is really intuitive – it’s my go-to for everything,” Heather says. “I don’t have a budget for graphics… I don’t have a budget for anything. So when I came across Canva, I thought it was awesome.” Sheriff Matt Lewis is encouraging Heather’s innovative use of Canva, which is getting real results.

For local law-enforcement, the need for visual content seems endless. Heather is a one-person team. She’s now using Canva to repost break-and-enter footage and images from convenience store robberies. Canva images are also used to promote the local Grand Junction Special Olympics and regular MSCO forum ‘Coffee with a Cop’.

Heather also foresees Canva’s potential to create images in emergencies, such as simple posts conveying crisis-support and emergency department contacts. For everything made in Canva, Heather can instantly drop in the pre-loaded MSCO trademark.

“I have a journalism degree, not a graphic design degree.” Heather laughs. “I can access Canva from home and it’s simple enough for the deputies to use. It really has been a game changer for me.”

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