Creating a layout for your team

Canva for Work is perfect for teams of all sizes. The designer’s role is create beautiful layouts that your whole team can use. We’ve put together this page to help you begin.

Place a grid
Add a photo
Choose your text
Publish as template

Advanced tips for designers

Whether you’re a professional, or just beginning your design journey, Canva has everything you need. Check out our pro features that make designing in Canva even more efficient.

Using Search

The Search panel in Canva allows you to find anything from shapes and icons to premium stock imagery. You can find a selection of frames for containing text or creating a border.


Group multiple elements together for easy scaling and rotating. Group by selecting command + G and deselect with command + shift + g. They will only stay grouped while the page is open.

Moving Elements

You can organize your elements in your design with Forward or Back. If you're moving text, you will find it in the drop down menu. You can use shortcuts command + { and command + } also.

Your Brand Kit

Your brand kit makes everything easy to start designing. You can set up all your default fonts which will appear in the text tab, colors which will appear in your palette and logos in the uploads folders.

Uploading SVGs

Create SVGs at 500x500px and make sure you turn all your vectors outlines and unite paths. You can save SVGs any color apart from #000000.


Remember you are creating templates for your team to use, so keep them as functional as possible. Make sure you use grids for easy image replacement.

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