Jul 2012

How it all started

The idea for Canva came about when Melanie Perkins was teaching graphic design programs at university and found students struggled to learn the basics. Partnering with co-founder Cliff Obrecht, the pair launched Fusion Books, an online design tool that made it easy for students and teachers to create their own yearbooks. They soon realised that the technology they'd developed could be used much more broadly. After searching far and wide, they launched Canva with tech co-founder Cameron Adams.

The Founders
Nov 2012

David joined the team

Development Lead

David is lead developer (i.e., troublemaker) and go-to tech guy at Canva. He architects and builds the servers that power the platform, helping users create beautiful designs. Most recently, he was part of the team at Google. You will likely find him making the most of the Sydney lifestyle - either cafe hopping or relaxing at the beach.


+ Mike

Front End Engineer

Mike is part of Canva’s frontend team, pushing pixels and shaping scripts to form intuitive interfaces. When he’s not struggling to come up with alliterative sentences, this Californian is usually reading a book, cooking new recipes, or researching other places to visit in his oft-deferred trip around the world.

Dec 2012

+ Hazel

Senior Support Specialist

Hazel is the customer happiness lead at Canva. She loves making users' lives happier and easier by creating help articles to get the most out of the Canva platform. She also works on special projects across the Canva team. In her spare time, Hazel loves hanging out with her family, finding new tracks on Soundcloud and reading new novels.

Feb 2013

+ Mervyn

Accounting Manager

Mervyn (aka "Swervin") is our accounting manager and has been with Canva since February, 2013. He originally hails from "The Emerald Isle," and moved to Sydney in September, 2012.

March 2013

+ Jim


Jim Tyrrell (rhymes with "squirrel") is part of the talented engineering team that helps make Canva run. He is a graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney, and was previously a software engineer at VMware. Originally from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Jim now calls Sydney his home. When he’s not coding, he is likely enjoying the outdoors or road-tripping.


+ Zach

Chief Storyteller

Zach is our PR and marketing guy. Always pitching, he’ll share the Canva vision with anyone who’ll listen. Working across marketing, customer service and design, Zach’s focus is ensuring a great experience for users.

Canva Raised $3.6 million from Great US and Australian Investors

Australian startup Canva has raised a $3 million seed round from top Australian and U.S. investors including Matrix Partners, InterWest Partners and 500 Startups.

Inner west logo
matrix logo

Light it Up

Switch on the light by clicking on the bulb.

May 2013

+ Lee


Lee is Canva’s stock photography guru. Hailing from Melbourne, he has spent the past few years living and working abroad. He said “adios” to Argentina to join us as the go-to-guy for Canva’s contributor community. In his spare time, Lee writes the Microstock Diaries blog and organises the international Microstock Expo Conference.


+ Patrick


Patrick can be accused of being a developer, designer, author, speaker and consultant. More simply, he likes to be a part of creating experiences that users love. Patrick struggled to write a 60-word bio for Canva despite writing a book about CoffeeScript that contains more words than The Hobbit.

Aug 2013

Canva Launched its Beta and Received an Incredible Response

We launched Canva to the world, allowing everyone to create beautiful designs. Marketers, bloggers and small business owners flocked to Canva to design.

Canva Launches BETA
Sept 2013

+ Andrew


Andrew develops the iPad app at Canva. Before Canva he did contract work, most notably working on the multi-award winning app "Play School Art Maker". Andrew loves to travel, and can't wait to go somewhere new, perhaps Japan, or New Zealand.

Nov 2013

+ Poppie


Poppie Pack is Canva's senior graphic designer. She's responsible for many of Canva's amazing graphics. Poppie's experience includes publishing and branding, which you will see has influenced the style produced on Canva. As one of Canva's resident Kiwis, Poppie has introduced vocabulary such as "crisp" and "totes" into the office vernacular.

Jan 2014

150,000 Amazing People Joined and Helped Spread the Word

Thanks to all your incredible support, we reached 150,000 users and opened publicly.

150,000 Users
Feb 2014

+ Scott

Front End Engineer

Scott helps make the editor look polished and run speedily. He also spends long hours thinking about what ingredients make up good user interfaces. He earned his chops at Atlassian before joining Canva. In his spare time, he likes to design ludicrously difficult puzzle games.

March 2014

+ Nik


Nik is part of Canva’s engineering team. He mainly works on the backend, helping to create the infrastructure that powers Canva. When he’s not coding, you might find Nik reading, catching a movie, travelling or enjoying some of Sydney’s best food.


+ Brendan


Brendan is an engineer on the backend team at Canva. He previously co-founded Cenqua, which was later acquired by Atlassian. Outside of work, Brendan invests his time building ridiculously over-engineered electronic toys for his kids.

April 2014

Guy Kawasaki Joined as Chief Evangelist

Former chief evangelist of Apple, Guy Kawasaki joined Canva and resurrected his famous title from Apple.

Guy Kawasaki Joins Canva
Guy Kawasaki Joins Canva

+ Shamal

Vibe Manager / Designer

Shamal is part of the design team and helps out with day-to-day operations at Canva. Shamal studied architecture at the University of Technology Sydney, and ran his own boutique design company before joining Canva. Outside of work, Shamal loves to listen to music, play sports and "philosophize" about design.


+ Nic


Nic is a UX and iOS wrangler and is one half of the engineering team behind Canva's amazing iPad app. Before Canva he was a contract engineer, making games and apps in Tasmania. Nic enjoys playing and designing video games as well as standing next to people to prove he is 6' 10".

May 2014

+ Song


Ask anybody that works at Canva and they will tell you that Song is one the most vital members of the team. He supplies us with a variety of delicious meals throughout the week and makes sure the office is happy and healthy.

June 2014

+ Matt


Matt is a graphic designer at Canva. He is responsible for many of the great tutorials on the Canva Design School and designs the beautiful emails you'll see in your inbox. Matt recently graduated from a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic Design) at the University of Wollongong. Known as "maestro" around the office, he's glad he's no longer the youngest person on the team. In his spare time, Matt loves watching and playing cricket and stealing Nic's food.


+ Didier

Web Designer

Didier is Canva's resident Frenchman and has a knack for creating sexy design. You'll know when somebody walks past his screen as they'll murmur "ooh la la". Didier has worked at major Web design agencies, including Demonz Media and Boomworks.

July 2014

+ James


James is a growth engineer at Canva. Previously from Atlassian, “Dumay” works across the engineering and product teams to make sure Canva’s users have a great experience. He’s also a man of many talents, looking after our product emails, analytics and more.


+ Henrik

Accounting Manager

Henrik is an account assistant in Canva’s accounting team. He is responsible for bookkeeping and ensuring that data is up-to-date in Canva's accounting system. Henrik loves all kinds of sport, spends his spare time exercising, reading or simply juggling with numbers. He’ll also never reject a good Hungarian palinka.


+ Chris


Chris is Canva's CBO (chief beer officer) and moonlights as a front-end engineer. He loves to write simple, reusable code that helps us ship to users as quickly as possible. Before Canva, Chris wrangled issues on Atlassian's JIRA team. He aims to delete more code than he writes and has an ongoing quest to sell everything he owns.

Canva Launched its “Design” button

Canva unveiled its "Canva Button", a simple new plug-in for third party websites to allow their users to create their own graphics.


Try the Button!

Click "Design a Header" and create your own design.

Design a header
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  • image 2
  • image 3
  • image 4
  • image 5
  • image 6
  • image 7
  • image 8
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  • image 10
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Aug 2014

Opened Office in Manila

Canva opened an office in the Philippines bringing onboard an incredible customer happiness, design and marketing team.



Country Manager



HR & Admin officer



Lead Curator



Support Specialist



Support Specialist



Support Specialist



Support Specialist




Sept 2014

+ Josh


Josh is at Canva cooking up a batch of delicious technology to disrupt the graphic design industry. He makes sure the technology and engineering team scale to meet the needs of our users, and weave a quarter century of experience into a fun and collaborative team. Prior to Canva, he was Atlassian's SaaS Architect, coaxing the world's leading issue tracking, collaboration and software development tools into the cloud. Before that, Josh spent years learning from the best - architecting, developing and integrating large scale Java, Ruby and C# systems at ThoughtWorks and Hashrocket.


+ Anna

Content Editor

Anna’s favourite part about being Canva's Content Editor is being able to facilitate learning through storytelling. After graduating from university in Perth with a degree in Journalism and Publishing, she quickly fled to the big smoke (Sydney) and gained experience as a radio journalist and magazine writer before joining Canva. Anna is passionate about the future of online publishing despite her pressing addiction to find new (old) hardbacks.


+ Hannah

Education Partnerships

Hannah heads up education partnerships at Canva. She loves building communities and helping teachers introduce visual literacy into their classrooms. Hailing from San Francisco, she’s worked at Pandora Radio and most recently at Dropbox in Dublin, Ireland, before escaping to a warmer locale. When she’s not helping people learn about design, she’s scoping out Sydney’s sunny beaches, hunting for her next latte, and attempting to master the amusing Aussie lingo.


+ Troy

Art Director

Troy is art director and the official cat curator of Canva. He leads a hand-picked team of talented designers who are responsible for creating beautiful layouts and elements for the world to enjoy. Before Canva, he was an award-winning practitioner in the advertising industry. After honing his craft in prestigious advertising agencies, he took the next big step to focus on his passion -design. During his free time he fights for feline rights.


+ Kim


Kim designs and illustrates for Canva. In 2013, she graduated with magna cum laude and valedictorian honors from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, where she was on a full academic scholarship. Her work has been featured in publications and exhibits in the Philippines, the UK, and the USA. In her down time, she likes to hunt for good music and go on photo-walks.

Oct 2014

Launched iPad App to Bring Amazingly Simple Design to Your Fingertips

Canva's iPad app launched and made it easy to create stunning graphics on-the-go.


Canva for iPad

Scroll through the layouts and add new a page below.

Canva Hit 1 Million Users

Thanks to the incredible support of the Canva community, we reached one million users who have created presentations, social media posts, invites and more.

1 million users
Nov 2014

Launched Design School for People to Learn Design Skills

Canva unveiled the Canva Design School; a new platform, workshop series and teacher resource hub designed to increase the world’s visual literacy.

Design School
Design School
Design School
Design School

Launched Design Marketplace for Pro Designers

Canva has launched a marketplace allowing professional graphic designers to contribute layouts and earn royalties every time their designs are purchased.

Dec 2014

+ Jay


Jay loves graphic design, fries and pandas. Before Canva,he worked for a retail design agency where he developed campaigns for various international brands like Columbia Sportswear Company, Supra Footwear and The North Face. He lives in Manila with his life partner and their 3 cats.


+ Andrianes

Growth Marketer

Andrianes Pinantoan (Andre) is Canva's growth marketer. Most recently, he was part of the early growth teams at Open Colleges and Pocketbook. When not working, you can find him chasing his two-year-old son in the wild.

Jan 2015

+ Alexey

Assistant Accountant

Prior to joining Canva, Alexey worked in a number of startups as well as a public accounting practice that specialised in startup and small business accounting. At Canva, he likes making things more efficient and using technology to improve the way things are done. In his down time Alexey likes to hike. Luckily for him, the Sydney area provides an ample selection of walking trails.


+ Lucy

Marketing & Communications

Lucy joined Canva in Marketing & Communications in January 2015, to help tell the world about Canva. Lucy has previously run a startup and worked in communications team in a range of growth companies. Lucy is the resident crazy dog lady and plans to be snowboarding till she is 81.


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